Warning: Contains body horror, contamination, implied eternal suffering, gun use, needles, and spiders.

In a single drop of contaminated blood, there writhe millions of needle-shaped cells. When introduced to a host, they spread — healing wounds, replenishing fluids, patching bone. The host becomes unstoppable; even complete destruction of its brain isn’t necessarily the end. All their cells are gradually replaced, enhanced.

Eden Green is the third human to see the needles in action, after her best friend Veronica accepts them without thinking. Patient Zero is Tedrin, a shady manipulator who offers the corruption as a path to immortality. Only Eden, a rationalist by nature, questions Tedrin’s motives; she can’t help imagining an eternity as a human weapon trapped in a body made of needles.

Armed with reason, humor, and a shotgun, she sets out to learn as much as she can about the parasite — and how to save her sanity, Veronica, and the world.

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Eden Green premiered on July 31, 2015 on Amazon Kindle and Audible. A print version is now available thanks to the talented Yvonne at MagicGraphix; while available on Amazon, please consider buying a copy directly through Createspace (above) so that the author receives a larger cut. If interested in an autographed copy, visit a live event or contact the author.


“van Dahl’s ability to evoke the crunch of bone and screams of agony is impressive, and her fresh combination of astute but not entirely emotionally mature central characters is a welcome change of pace for the genre. … her descriptive power and inventiveness never flag in this arresting exploration of the aliens within and without.” —Publishers Weekly

“… [an] emotionally punishing read, with some interesting things to say.” —Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviews

“van Dahl does a very good job of throwing us immediately into the action… I find myself liking Eden Green as much as I loathe the other characters around her. Getting that sort of reaction out of a reader is a skill and van Dahl deserves praise. She also deserves praise for crafting a novel soundtrack which I actually enjoyed as I read and re-read the book.” —Daniel Casey

“… a head-spinning, action packed adventure full of monsters, blood, gore, and betrayal.If you’re looking for a fast paced, sci-fi/horror read, full of killer alien monsters, a needle virus that makes you immortal, apocalyptic scenarios, alien worlds, and a hell of a lot of shotgun action, in less that 300 pages then I highly recommend this.” —Amazon reviewer

“… the author weaves a vivid image of a body being infested, healed, protected and transformed by tiny, needle-like cells criss-crossing over each other like the sheddings from a pine tree. The concept is so different and the world building is so well done that it surprised me.” —Amazon reviewer

“Eden Green is like a thrill ride into the darkness.” —Amazon reviewer

“This is like none of the science fictions I have read. … The writing is addictive, I read it one sitting. The humorous nature of Eden alongside her intelligence makes it a fun read.” —Horror Novel Reviews.com

“Eden Green is far and away, one of the premier Halloween reads for the season. Fiona van Dahl has a twisted side that is filled with deviantly creative ideas. Ideas that will make you cringe and give you nightmares about needles coming out of your body while you feel every single one.” —Amazon reviewer

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New Night takes place nine months after the events of Eden Green.

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