Taken in Sep 2016.I’m a novelist and hobbyist from northwest Arkansas. On IRC, Reddit, and elsewhere, I go by ‘FekketCantenel’.

I’ve been writing fiction since I was small, and have started (and usually completed) many novels. After a few years of fishing for an agent, I decided to self-publish, and have had a great time so far.

All the time, I’m trying new things, which results in a wide range of hobbies — litter pick-up, band flute, participating in local protests, psychedelics, researching paganism-as-therapy, fan-editing movies, anything to do with The Hobbit, my three black cats, lifehacking, organization, ARFID, coding apps in PHP+MySQL+jQuery, and probably a few more while you were reading this paragraph.

If you’d like a free review ebook or audiobook of any of my published novels, I’m flattered, and I’ll be happy to hook you up! And I appreciate anyone who posts an honest review of my work on Goodreads and Amazon.

There are several ways to get in touch with me. Please do! I love hearing from people.

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