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Taken in Sep 2016.I’m a novelist and hobbyist from northwest Arkansas. My married name is Fiona Canteberry, but I write and publish under my maiden name, Fiona van Dahl.  On IRC, I go by ‘FekketCantenel’. I came up with the name for an elf character when I was a kid. (My best friend/chief beta reader once stopped in the middle of a conversation and asked, “Wait. What can’t Fekket ‘enel’?”)

The Site

This site has existed in several incarnations. On a previous host, it was home of the TGSBB, a board for beta-reading one of my first novels, The Golden Sands.

The url comes from a song from Yu Yu Hakusho (‘Homework ga Owaranai’, ‘The Homework Never Ends’), one of my favorite anime of all time. For me, the phrase holds a lot of meaning (I build my life around to-do lists and goals) and irony (I was homeschooled and therefore was never assigned homework).


Published Works

See the main page for a listing of books I’ve published.

Free Review Copies

If you’d like a free review ebook or audiobook of any of my published novels, I’m flattered, and I’ll be happy to hook you up! And I appreciate everyone who posts reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. See the bottom of this page for ways to contact me.

Taken in May 2014.

Old Works

I’ve been writing fiction since I was small, and have started (and usually completed) many novels. In order to help others understand the vague references I make, and to prove I really have been banging my head against this particular brick wall since I was a kid, I’ll list them here.

Future Works

Here’s a rough timeline of my planned future projects:


There are several ways to get in touch with me for whatever reason. Please do! I love hearing from people.

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