I’m an Arkansan writer of mind-bending, unsettling sci-fi/horror novels. I also usually have several side projects going on, which are detailed below.

Latest Updates


setting up the book for pre-order thru KDP, took forever to convert right and I had to give up the bit of ZALGO text #update #edengreen (16 hours ago)


the fan-edit is out! visit http://t.co/pk1cscZLXc for more info and a magnet link #update #hobbitedit (1 day ago)


need to research #FEMA camps for my next novel. Guys, please don't make me google 'FEMA camps'. #update #newnight (2 weeks ago)


Eden Green Final CopyEden Green

A science fiction/horror novel about rationalist young woman and her best friend, who are infected with an alien symbiote that gradually destroys their humanity.

Visit the official page to find out about pre-ordering, free review copies, and more.

Current Projects

Peter Jackson’s ‘The Hobbit’ Trilogy, Fan-Edited Down To Two Hours

My attempt to cut Peter Jackson’s eight-hour Hobbit trilogy down to two hours.

The Hobbit: The Road to Mordor

Working on the fan-edit put me in the mood to write fanfiction in my head, which I eventually typed up. (WARNING, NSFW)

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Completed Projects

The My Immortal Drinking Game, Home Game Party Edition

A formatted, color-coded version of the famous drinking game.