I’m an Arkansan writer of mind-bending, unsettling, but most of all fun novels (sci-fi, horror, thriller, adventure, rationalist, and more).

Eden Green Final CopyEden Green

A science fiction/horror adventure about rationalist young woman and her best friend, who are infected with an alien symbiote that gradually breaks down their humanity.

City on the Edge of Nowhere is a free online serial that recaps the events of Eden Green from an outside perspective.

New Nightnewnightcover

A science fiction thriller that takes place nine months after the events of Eden Green. A former cop fights tooth-and-nail to protect refugees of the Gothic Disaster while dealing with needle monsters, troublesome drifters, and a mysterious government facility trying to turn him to their own twisted ends.

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Eden Green, a sci-fi/horror novel by Fiona van Dahl

I love all my reviews but just got an AMAZING one, this guy gets it https://t.co/BYi4wcSxoe #update #edengreenbook (1 week ago)

New Night, a sci-fi/thriller novel by Fiona van Dahl

I'm lining up some cool things to happen all at once! stay tuned for print release, 'City' part 4, and other goodies #update #newnightbook (1 week ago)

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