I’m an Arkansan writer of mind-bending, unsettling sci-fi/horror novels. I also usually have several side projects going on, which are detailed below.

Latest Updates


the fan-edit is out! visit http://t.co/pk1cscZLXc for more info and a magnet link #update #hobbitedit (8 hours ago)


the book's cover is out! check out http://t.co/gJuDs1rkVx for needle goodness courtesy of @Istebrak1 #update #edengreen (8 hours ago)


need to research #FEMA camps for my next novel. Guys, please don't make me google 'FEMA camps'. #update #newnight (2 weeks ago)


Eden Green

A science fiction/horror novel about rationalist young woman and her best friend, who are infected with an alien symbiote that gradually destroys their humanity.

Current Projects

Peter Jackson’s ‘The Hobbit’ Trilogy, Fan-Edited Down To Two Hours

My attempt to cut Peter Jackson’s eight-hour Hobbit trilogy down to two hours.

The Hobbit: The Road to Mordor

Working on the fan-edit put me in the mood to write fanfiction in my head, which I eventually typed up. (WARNING, NSFW)

Completed Projects

The My Immortal Drinking Game, Home Game Party Edition

A formatted, color-coded version of the famous drinking game.

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